This program was created in collaboration with the local partner CEDI-VE (Center for Education and Integrated Development – Village of Hope). One phase is completed and one is in progress.


Context : The program is autonomous and self-financing since October 2017. However, employees can still count on the collaboration of IRIS Mundial, which is still a privileged partner.

Objective: To provide the Limbé population with a quality eye care system that is technically and financially sustainable and independent.

Results (1st year) : 

  • 1215 vision screenings
  • 402 ophthalmological consultations
  • 13 eye surgeries (funded by IRIS Mundial)
  • 269 eyeglasses distributed

OCTOBER 2015 TO SEPTEMBER 2017 – Consolidation II

Context : The permanent eye care program in Limbe will continue for a  2- year consolidation phase, thanks to the grant of the Québec International Development Program (QIDP) and our new partner for this project, l’AMIE (International Aid to Children) 

Objective: To provide the Limbé population with a quality eye care system that is technically and financially sustainable and independent. There are 7800 beneficiaries, including 4500 school children. New activities will be developed to reach more people and generate new sources of income. 

Budget : $124 300 (volunteer participation included)

Results : 

  • 3503 vision screenings in schools
  • 2393 vision screenings to adults in mobile clinics
  • 1036 ophthalmological consultations
  • 39 eye surgeries
  • 895 glasses distributed

OCTOBER 2013 TO SEPTEMBER 2015 – Initial program

Context : The PPLC experience in the region of Labrousse was positive and successful. Therefore, IRIS Mundial decided to create a second permanent program in the Limbe area to offer ophthalmological services to other people in need.

Objective: To reduce the prevalence of blindness and vision disorders by at least 50% in the area and provide access to comprehensive eye care to more than 10,000 people, including 5000 school children, thereby improving their quality of life and enabling them to actively participate in the community's economic and social development.

Implementation: In October 2013, a team of IRIS Mundial volunteers trained the local team (a nurse, one assistant and two mobilizers) in the planning and delivery of educational sessions and conducted vision screenings in mobile clinics and schools. A basic vision clinic was installed and equipped in the head office of the CEDI-VE to provide ophthalmological consultations.

Budget : $98 400

Results :

  • 4413 vision screenings in schools
  • 2168 vision screenings to adults in mobile clinics
  • 692 ophthalmological consultations
  • 28 eye surgeries

A comprehensive eye care system is available and accessible: vision screenings, ophthalmological consultations, prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, drugs and eye surgeries. The statistical data on the major causes of blindness and vision impairment for the area are now available. Despite the excellent work from the team, it seems that some expected results for the first year of implementation were somewhat too high.

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