Would you like to share your experience with IRIS Mundial while helping your communications committee?

We are looking for volunteers who want to write one-page articles on various topics. The IRIS Mundial trips are just the tip of the iceberg of all the volunteer work done within the organization. We would like to highlight all the work done before, during the mission and after. Therefore, we need YOUR collaboration!! These articles will be published on the IRIS Mundial website and will be shared on our social networks.

We are looking for texts of approximately 1 page / 500 words (up to 1 ½ page). You can even write an article with one of your colleagues.

Here are some ideas for topics:

  • How can a pair of glasses change the life of the beneficiary?
  • Presentation of our next destination
  • Portrait of a volunteer (you or one of your colleagues)
  • The story of a patient you will always remember
  • A patient surgery during a mission- the story of a volunteer in the operating room
  • XX ways you can help us improve the vision of people all around the world
  • Anecdotes from one of your trip
  • Anecdotes that happened at the IRIS Mundial’s warehouse
  • The journey of an eyewear, from the donor to the beneficiary
  • How to organize a mission/ one-time project?
  • Portrait of our local partner in Senegal, the Association St-Louisienne pour la Vue (ASV)
  • Portrait of our partners in Haiti, CEDI-VE and FODES-5
  • Visual needs worldwide
  • Behind the scenes of the IRIS Mundial’s warehouse
  • How IRIS Mundial has a positive impact on his environment
  • Donations to IRIS Mundial: where your money goes?
  • How does IRIS Mundial funding works?
  • Presbyopia in developing countries
  • IRIS Mundial and the domino effect: how vision improvement can improve communities
  • Become a volunteer for IRIS Mundial – Where to begin?
  • Everything you need to know about the types of glasses we redistribute to people who needs them
  • How volunteering at IRIS Mundial has changed your life?


Please contact us to express your interest or to present your article subject: irismundial-info@iris.ca!


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