Results :

  • 3200 eye examinations
  • 33 ocular surgeries
  • 20 plastic surgeries
  • 500 dentistry consultations
  • 250 dermatology consultations

Partners :

  • Vision sin Fronteras
  • Rotary Club Caraz and Club Rotary Independencia-Huaraz

Canadian Ophthalmologists and Dentists on humanitarian mission to Peru.

As published on the Canadian Embassy website in June 2007.

Specialists treated over 4000 patients. 35 Canadian volunteers took part in a humanitarian campaign in Caraz in the Ancash region of Peru (central Andean zone), May 2 to 6, 2007. The campaign was organized by Dr. Jean-Pierre Tchang, founder of IRIS Mundial, a Canadian NGO.

The campaign was the sixth to the Andes since 2001. Doctors provided Vision and Dental health services to over 4000 low-income Peruvians, some of whom were indigenous Indians. Such services do not exist in Caraz. The specialists conducted over 500 eye operations and distributed over 3500 corrective glasses.

During their campaign, the IRIS Mundial Canadian specialists were supported by a Peruvian team of voluntary specialists, the Rotary Clubs of Caraz, Independencia, and by the local municipal and hospital authorities.

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