From April 26th to May 3rd 2016, IRIS Mundial volunteers went to the Miragoâne Ste-Therese Hospital in Haiti to provide eye care to this community. The project was a great success. A dynamic team of twenty eight Canadian and Haitian volunteers (ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, nurses and assistants) provided eye care to 1700 of the disadvantaged patients in the area. They all received a thorough eye exam, prescription glasses, sunglasses and/or ocular drugs. In addition, 20 people among the patients will able to receive cataract surgery during the next months and thus regain sight, thanks to IRIS Mundial.

Results :
-Eye examinations: 1715 patients
-Medical examinations: 150 patients
-Sunglasses: over 1750
-All people requiring prescription eyewear and ocular or systemic medications were able to get it.

Partners :
-Comité national de Prévention de la Cécité (National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness), Haiti
-Fondation pour le Développement économique et social (Foundation for Economic and Social Development), Haiti
-Ste-Therese Hospital in Miragoâne, Haiti
-Collaboration Santé internationale (medical donation)
-Alcon Foundation (medical donation)

Photo gallery / Miragoane 2016 – IRIS Mundial article / Testimony of a volunteer (in French)

Little memory of a patient during the mission, from our volunteer Dr. Marie-Carmelle img_4341Lucien-Guerrier, an Haitian Ophthalmologist:  “After making her way through a large crowd in front of the hospital, Mrs Therese finally arrived at the consulting room with a sigh of relief. Several aspects of the consultation had to be postponed because of a painful swelling on her left eyelid. The doctor feverishly consulted the list of medications: With relief he came across just the ointment needed. An appointment was fixed just before the end of the mission, to complete the examination. On the appointed day, she was there, with a broad smile on her face, transformed by a reduction of the unsightly mass on her eyelid. She was overjoyed to receive a pair of spectacles before the end of the mission.”

Here is the video of the mission:

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