Our mission is to improve the ocular health of underserved people in developing countries by giving them access to high-quality preventive and curative eye care services, and thus improve their living conditions.


Mission IRIS Mundial is a reference body promoting the Right to Sight, which aims to improve the visual health of the most vulnerable populations in developing countries.


  • Solidarity
  • Accessibility
  • Excellence
  • Sharing of Knowledge and empowerment:
  • Partnership:
  • Respect for cultures:
  • Contribution of volunteers

Areas of intervention

  1. Blindness prevention through education and awareness on ocular health;
  2. Diagnosis of ocular problems by screenings and eye exams;
  3. Correction of visual impairments by offering eyeglasses, medical and surgical treatments;
  4. Transfer of knowledge and ongoing training of local professionals.





 It's our mission for eyes in need.

IRIS Mundial is a group consisting of Optometrists, Opticians, Ophthalmologists and other professionals who work as volunteers with the most disadvantaged people. Our mandate is to educate people on vision health and how to prevent blindness.

IRIS Mundial offers preventive and curative eye care services that complement those already available in the host country to people who would not normally have access. Thanks to the contributions of volunteers who offer their professional expertise, time, and availability, IRIS Mundial develops and sponsors activities to prevent blindness in order to help the population. IRIS Mundial also promotes the development of a good relationship with local organizations in the host country.

While promoting autonomy in terms of eye care in developing countries, IRIS Mundial seeks to establish permanent eye care services and aligns its management with local partners in respect to cultures and structures of the country.

From Awareness to Self-Sufficiency

With its experience, IRIS Mundial has developed a strategy of action which allows local partners to become aware of visual problems in their population and encourages them to act independently. IRIS Mundial projects provide a first experience of Ophthalmologic services to the disadvantaged population in some areas where eye care is nonexistent. These projects identify the most common vision problems and offer prescription glasses to people in need as well as medical and surgical treatments whenever possible.

IRIS Mundial projects enable privileged exchanges between its professionals and those in the targeted areas. IRIS Mundial also contributes to the continued education of local professionals in light of new surgical techniques and eye examination. IRIS Mundial also supports its partners through knowledge transfer, provision of equipment and materials necessary for the proper conduct of its activities.

Already, some professionals have used the IRIS Mundial model to form their own organization in order to help their fellow citizens. It is the case with Vision sin Fronteras and Sonrisas para el Mundo, Peru, and Vision sin Fronteras in Hidalgo, Mexico.

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