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Become an active member

The advantages of being a member

  • Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  • Assist AGMs with eligibility to vote regarding the direction of IRIS Mundial and management-related issues;
  • Participation in the election of board members;
  • Opportunity to be elected  as an administrator;
  • Demonstration of support for IRIS Mundial’s mission while allowing the organization to benefit from your expertise;
  • Participation in fundraising campaigns and various activities of the organization in one or more subcommittees;
  • Be privy to newsletters and privileged information concerning upcoming projects and activities organized by IRIS Mundial.
How to become a member


  1. Fill in the membership form
  2. Submit your duly-completed membership request application form for approval to:
Admission criteria for active members


  • Interest in the organization and be available to volunteer;
  • Possessing expertise, experience and / or assets useful to IRIS Mundial;
  • Willingness to pay an annual fee upon acceptance of application by the members of the board of directors.

Annual renewal of membership

For members who wish to renew their membership, please simply pay your annual membership fee.

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