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If you’re interested in the IRIS Mundial cause, why not take some of your time to help us? The organization often needs people to perform a wide variety of tasks including sorting glasses before a mission, organizing fundraising activities and even some administrative tasks.  Moreover, considering general management is made up of only two employees, the organization could not exist without the immeasurable contribution of its invaluable volunteers involved in various committees. This is the reason why IRIS Mundial also needs to surround itself with competent professionals for the implementation of various activities such as communication, translation, social networks, website maintenance, graphic design, finance, international cooperation, management of NPOs, etc.

If you would like to put your expertise to work, do not hesitate to contact us to express your interest.

Here are some ways you can help

Preparation of used glasses

Consider that, in order to organize a one-time project to examine around 2000 patients, IRIS Mundial needs to bring a bank of around 6000 pairs of glasses to ensure that we have the largest possible inventory.

Funding of the organization

As with many non-profit organizations, funding is a very important part of IRIS Mundial’s activities.

Communication / marketing

Do you have skills in this field? Do you want to share your experience with IRIS Mundial? Are you bilingual in French / English?

Participation in other committees in Quebec

Considering that IRIS Mundial has only two employees, the organization could not exist without the immeasurable contribution of valuable volunteers involved in various committees.

Participation in a mission abroad

IRIS Mundial always favors its volunteers first involved in Quebec to participate in missions abroad.

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