IRIS Mundial implements three types of activities

One-time projects

One-time projects are group missions carried out by a multidisciplinary Canadian team. They provide the first ever ophthalmic services to disadvantaged people in a region where no services are available. These projects help identify common eye problems, provide eye exams and prescription glasses to people who need them, as well as medical and surgical treatment where possible.

Permanent programs

IRIS Mundial contributes to the setting up of permanent programs by establishing a comprehensive eye care system in an area where services were previously non-existent. Local partners work to reduce the prevalence of vision impairments and improve the quality of life of the population so that they can actively participate in the socioeconomic development of the community.

Continuing education

IRIS Mundial projects facilitate privileged exchanges on new surgical techniques and eye examinations between its professional volunteers and local vision professionals in the targeted areas through continuing education. IRIS Mundial also supports the autonomy of its partners through knowledge sharing and the provision of the equipment and materials needed to carry out local activities.

Other activities

Special projects

IRIS Mundial also implements special projects that do not fit into any of the above categories. These are either internships organized with students from the Université de Montréal School of Optometry or projects that support its partners, but which go beyond IRIS Mundial’s mandate.