From October 21th to 29th 2017, IRIS Mundial volunteers went to the Ernesto Mispireta Valdivia polyclinic in Peru to provide eye care to the community of Canete. The project was a great success! A dynamic team of 38 Canadian volunteers (ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, nurses and assistants) provided eye care to 2085 disadvantaged patients in the area. They all received a thorough eye exam, prescription glasses, sunglasses and/or ocular medications. In addition, 30 people among the patients received a cataract or pterygium surgery during the mission and thus regain sight, thanks to the partnership with the OftalmoSalud Clinic. 

Results :
-Eye examinations: 2085 patients
-Medical examinations: 200 patients
-Ocular surgeries: 30
-Sunglasses: over 2150
-All people requiring prescription eyewear and ocular or systemic medications were able to get it.

Partners :
-Lima Siglo XXI Rotary Club (principal partner)
-Municipality of Imperial
-OftalmoSalud Clinic
-Cañete Rotary Club
-Rezola Hospital
-Collaboration Santé internationale (medical donation)
-Allergan (medical donation)
-Bausch & Lomb (medical donation)
-Novartis (donation of $ 9,000)
-Rotary Club of Montreal (donation of $1,200)

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