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It’s our mission for eyes in need

IRIS Mundial

IRIS Mundial is a charity that aims to improve the visual health of disadvantaged population in developing countries.

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Who we are

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the ocular health of underserved people in developing countries by giving them access to high-quality preventive and curative eye care services, and thus improve their living conditions.




Who we are

Our vision

Mission IRIS Mundial is a reference body promoting the Right to Sight, which aims to improve the visual health of the most vulnerable populations in developing countries.


Our projects

Our one-time projects

Provide the first ever ophthalmic services to disadvantaged people in a region where no services are available.

Our permanent programs

Our Programs for the Prevention and Fight against Blindness (PPFB) aim to offer a quality comprehensive eye care system to the most disadvantaged population located in isolated areas.

Our trainings

Facilitate privileged exchanges on new surgical techniques and eye examinations between our professional volunteers and local vision professionals in the targeted areas through continuing education.


Latest news

Testimony – Élaine Giasson

Testimony – Élaine Giasson

Meet Dr. Élaine Giasson, Optometrist and IRIS Mundial volunteer since its foundation. She participated in more than 7 missions with IRIS Mundial, including the last one in Senegal in November 2018. Élaine is a person who enjoys having fun and who has a contagious...

Testimony – Jacques Samson

Testimony – Jacques Samson

Meet Dr. Jacques Samson, Ophthalmologist and IRIS Mundial volunteer. He has taken part in nine IRIS Mundial missions as a surgeon, starting with Natitingou, Benin in 2004. Dr. Samson is a calm and well-organized person, always happy to help others by sharing his...

Testimony – Andrée Coulombe

Testimony – Andrée Coulombe

Meet Andrée Coulombe, nurse and IRIS Mundial volunteer. Andrée has participated in nine IRIS Mundial missions, the first of which was in 2004. Volunteers who know her well would say that she is determined, efficient and professional. Feeling at home in Peru, Andrée is...

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