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In the daily life of IRIS Mundial, it is passionate people who are actively involved who make a real difference and who contribute to the success of the organization’s activities. Do you also want to take part in this great movement which helps improve the visual health of the most vulnerable population in developing countries? Here are the different ways you can help and get involved:

Get involved

01. Become a member

Do you want to take part in decision making and get involved in various activities of the organization?

Get involved

02. Become a volunteer

If you’re interested in the IRIS Mundial cause, why not take some of your time to help us?

Get involved

03. Donate to IRIS Mundial

As with many non-profit organizations, funding is a very important part of IRIS Mundial’s activities.

Get involved

04. Other ways to support

If ever the cause of IRIS Mundial is close to your heart, but you do not have the opportunity to become a member or to get involved as a volunteer, here are the other ways to help us.

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