Operational partners abroad

Partners in Senegal
Association St-Louisienne pour la Vue (ASV)

Senegal – Saint-Louis

The collaboration between IRIS Mundial and the “Association St-Louisienne pour la Vue” (ASV) officially started in 2018 with the organisation of the IRIS Mundial mission in Saint-Louis and has continued over time with the setting up in January 2019 of a third IRIS Mundial permanent program for an initial phase of two years. ASV’s professionalism and commitment towards the most disadvantaged makes it a partner of choice for IRIS Mundial. The Association St-Louisienne pour la Vue is a non-profit organisation created at the initiative of health and education professionals. Its objective is to contribute to the improvement of the ocular and visual health of the population.

Other partners 

  • Centre communautaire Keur Mame Fatim Konté

  • Centre hospitalier régional of Saint-Louis

  • Ministère de la Santé et de l’Action sociale of Senegal