To highlight his limitless generosity and commitment to IRIS Mundial projects, the Jean-Pierre Tchang Award was created in 2009 to reward the volunteer whose contribution stands out in any given year. For 2015, at the annual meeting of IRIS Mundial volunteers held in Lachute, the recognition prize was presented to the creator and former general manager of the organization, Dr Jean-Pierre Tchang, optometrist. The creation of IRIS Mundial is the result of Dr Tchang’s efforts, which have rallied hundreds of people, who in turn have created exceptional projects over the last 13 years. The implication of this man is unprecedented: he has organized and participated in more than 30 missions around the globe, thus helping thousands of people to better see the world. It is with great joy and gratitude that IRIS Mundial recognizes Jean-Pierre – sincerely appreciating his remarkable dedication and his continuous presence since the organization’s creation. Thanks to his invaluable involvement, IRIS Mundial is an organization that has progressed and evolved over time, to become a significant member of Quebec organizations for international cooperation.

Congratulations to Dr Jean-Pierre Tchang!