The Jean-Pierre Tchang Award was created in 2009 to highlight his generosity and great commitment to IRIS Mundial projects. The reward goes to a person who has contributed exceptionally to the IRIS Mundial mission. The 2018 award was presented to Johanne de Champlain at the IRIS Mundial Annual Volunteers’ meeting which was held in Deux-Montagnes.

Johanne is an endearing, funny, meticulous, determined, resourceful and inspiring person. She is always available to help at different levels of the organization in the implementation of its activities and takes her responsibilities seriously. Since 2005 she has participated in 8 IRIS Mundial missions as a nurse. Johanne knows how to take care of the members of the team with whom she works and is always attentive to their needs. Moreover, she will be responsible for volunteers during the next IRIS Mundial mission in Senegal next November. In addition to her open-hearted approach, she has a big impact on the people she helps. Congratulations to Johanne de Champlain!