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Ideas for fundraising activities

Here is a non-exhaustive list of fundraising activities that you could organize.

  1. Host a garage sale, a community yard sale or attend a large summer flea market;
  2. Offer gardening services in exchange for donations
  3. Go out and meet people by organizing a kiosk: sit outside a mall or grocery store to talk about the cause and get donations
  4. Sell flowers: Take those from your garden or those given to you, or the sale of fall bulbs
  5. Organize a one-night event: comedy or improvisation show
  6. Cut or shave your hair or beard: do it for charity as long as a certain amount is raised.
  7. Host a coffee sale: set up a table outside your school or community center or at any event and sell coffee, tea, herbal tea while raising awareness for the cause.
  8. Pick up recyclable canes and bottles: exchange them at the grocery store for cash.
  9. Organize a flash mob or dance competition: raise awareness and collect donations before and after the performance.
  10. Host a night out at the bistro or pub: ask a local band to play some music and take donations at the door.
  11. Advertise: display or carry advertising for local businesses in exchange for donations.
  12. Host a charity event: host a ball or invite a speaker. Require entry fees.
  13. Auction goods and services: ask local businesses to donate goods and services auction them.
  14. Make your voice heard! Invite a speaker and charge an entrance fee or request that their honoraria be donated.
  15. Host a golf tournament: invite your colleagues, their partners and members of your community to participate for an entry fee.
  16. Host a fashion show or talent show: participants must pay an entrance fee.
  17. Have a movie night: organize a movie screening where admission is based on donations.
  18. Volunteer to paint children’s faces at events.
  19. Become a tutor: offer your homework help services in exchange for donations from parents.
  20. Create a book club: you can charge admission fees or ask for donations.
  21. Organize a thematic evening: choose country as the theme. Serve traditional food, choose appropriate music, and play games to test participants’ knowledge.
  22. Host a board game tournament or marathon: players must pay to register.
  23. Host a murder mystery game night: ask for donations at the entrance.
  24. Host a poker or card game tournament: ask for a registration fee and prepare a trophy for the winner.
  25. Be creative! Organize an auction of fine art or personalized sweaters. Create and sell greeting cards or calendars.
  26. Collect change.
  27. Photo Contest: establish a theme and place the photos at your community center. The winner can be determined by the number of donations obtained.
  28. Offer Christmas wrapping services in shopping malls.
  29. Host a karaoke night: charge up an admission or sell tickets in exchange for a performance.
  30. Cook! Cook a gourmet dinner and ask for a donation for admission. For example, a spaghetti dinner.
  31. Sell on eBay: auction your old items and those of your family on eBay and donate the profits.
  32. Create and sell a personalized cookbook: ask your family and friends to bring their own recipes, then sell the book at events.
  33. Collect used books from your listeners and then sell them at low prices. Ideally, look for French books in corners like yours.
  34. Donate for an occasion: ask your family and friends to donate rather than give birthdays gifts. Like the new “fad” on Facebook on this.
  35. Be sporty! Take part with your family and friends in a triathlon, run, walk or any other adventure where people might sponsor you for your efforts.
  36. Organize sports competitions: demand a right to participate in a race, a walk, a marathon (baseball, soccer, etc.)
  37. Organize creative workshops: lead creative workshops, for the creation of jewelry, paintings, etc.
  38. Set up a hand-held car wash in partnership with the firefighters;
  39. Plan the sale of baskets of local fruits and/or vegetables (good suggestions);
  40. Organize a fundraising bowling evening;
  41. Organize a sale of bottled water and/or healthy snacks: you take advantage of a sale on water bottles in a big-box store or even a snack sponsorship then, you position yourself in strategic to resell them at a profit, for example at outdoor events (tournaments, fairs, etc.).
  42. Host a big hot dog dinner;
  43. Sell homemade pastries and sweets;
  44. Host a community barbecue.
  45. Organize a mega outdoor musical workout: you invite people to a large city park. Registration $2 or $3. A professional volunteer instructor provides a workout lesson. You provide the music and Hop! Let’s go to group training.
  46. ​​Sale of works of art and / or crafts from your region;
  47. If you know of a hair salon sympathetic to your cause, suggest that $2 on each haircut be for you during the weekend. You talk about it on the air and at the same time it gives it a great promotion.
  48. Organize a sale of gift cards (a specialized company here);
  49. Host an improvisation game the animators vs. the elected officials of the city;
  50. Organize a benefit show for local amateurs;
  51. Take part in a charity trip and take up a physical challenge for the cause (eg climbing a summit, etc.);
  52. Host a local celebrity auction: people buy a local celebrity presence at their business, at home, or even for dinner at a restaurant for a predetermined time.
  53. Set up a fundraising fashion show;
  54. Organize a gala of business people and entrepreneurs;
  55. Organize a ladies’ beauty party: during a party, you offer ladies beauty advice with professionals in fashion, make-up, hairdressing and aesthetics. Demonstration, draws for gift certificates, tea, etc.
  56. Organize a fundraising go kart day;
  57. Organize an event of martial arts demonstrations by professionals.

Each fundraising activity must be discussed in advance and approved by IRIS Mundial senior management. If you have a good idea for an activity to organize, contact us!