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IRIS Mundial will be at the 2017 Congress of the Canadian Association of optometrists from June 28th to July 30th in Ottawa to present its new scientific poster entitled Prevalence of Impairment and Eye Disease in Miragoâne, Haiti. Indeed, Dr. Julie Brûlé and Dr. Benoit Tousignant, optometrists, will be on hand to meet people and to present the visual data analysis collected during the latest 2016 IRIS Mundial mission. More than 1700 disadvantaged people were examined by the IRIS Mundial volunteers team in this poor area where inhabitants don’t have access to eye care. This study, produced in collaboration with the Optometry School from Université de Montréal, provides data for the first time on prevalence of the visual impairments in the area, helping to better identify their needs and plan future interventions to improve their ocular-visual health.

The study presented (based on 1709 patients), confirms the prevalence of glaucoma (1%) and binocular cataracts (4%) in this population. Uncorrected refractive errors are frequent (high hyperopia or myopia 22%, presbyopia 33%), while 11% of these patients show moderate to severe visual impairment.

Dr. Brûlé and Dr. Tousignant will be available to answer your questions at the COA congress.

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