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IRIS Mundial received an incredible offer from Oculab, a new Optics Laboratory in Laval, QC. In recent weeks, the Oculab team has produced, cut and mounted ophthalmic lenses in over 1200 frames. These news glasses were made according to the specifications of IRIS Mundial based on the most common prescriptions used in our eyeglass bank. All the lenses are anti-reflective, scratch-resistant and hydrophobic, as well as, being equipped with a high-end treatment. The frames are donated from IRIS stores and generous suppliers such as COS and Marchon.

Also, Oculab provided free eyeglasses to Duluvans, a 7 years old boy living in Labrousse, Haïti who has been blind since birth. A few months ago, thanks to the IRIS Mundial program, congenital cataracts surgery was performed on Duluvans by a Haitian ophthalmologist. Following the surgery, the boy needed a very special prescription which was produced by Oculab. The boy is now independent and can go to school with other children.

The Oculab team continues to produce more glasses for IRIS Mundial. Oculab, is a fully automated modern optical laboratory, that produces high definition lenses of the highest quality thanks to its cutting edge digital technology. We wish to thank the entire Oculab team, with a special mention to Mr. Denis Sarrazin for his immense generosity.