On September 30th, five optometry students from the Université de Montréal and their supervisor*, returned to Canada after a one week internship with the team at the permanent eye care program. Although the beginning of the internship was full of unforeseen events due to the series of hurricanes near northern Haiti in September, the trip went very well! Eye screenings in remote areas (or in a remote area), eye exams, observation of a cataract surgery at the Vision Plus partner clinic and training were scheduled during the visit. They were able to observe how eye care is carried out in a country with  limited 

resources and analyze the impact of poverty on the visual health of a disadvantaged population.

Michael Morasse, one of the students, told us: “This internship was an incredible experience for all of us. Not only did we see cases of rare eye diseases, and get involved in the training of PPFB** employees at a practical level, but we also enjoyed Haitian culture by participating in the CEDI-VE*** community / family and its surroundings. ” Thanks to each of them and their supervisor, Dr. Benoit Tousignant, optometrist, for their involvement in this first collaborative initiative between IRIS Mundial and the optometry clinic of the Université de Montréal for the creation of a credited internship for students!

To see some pictures of the trip, click here

* Students: Camille Descoteaux, Molly Perron, Charlie Messier, Pier-Alexandre Vallée, Michaël Morasse / Supervisor: Noémie Jean-Louis, optométriste
** Program for Prevention and Fight against Blindness
*** Center for Education and Integrated Development – Village of Hope