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Permanent program

Program for the Prevention and Fight against Blindness (PPFB) - Saint-Louis, Senegal
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This program was created in collaboration with the local partner l’Association Saint-Louisienne pour la Vue (ASV).

JANUARY 2019 to MAY 2021*

Initial phase


Following a one-time project in November 2018 during which 30 Canadian volunteers provided eye examinations and care to 2000 people, IRIS Mundial committed to support its partner, the Association St-Louisienne pour la Vue (ASV) in the implementation of their project which aims to offer accessible eye care services to the most disadvantaged people of the Saint-Louis region.  Thanks to funding from the “Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie” (MRIF), IRIS Mundial obtained a grant from the Quebec International Development Program (QIDP) to support ASV in its initiative.


In January 2020, the employees of the program were hired and began an internship of more than two months in the ophthalmology department with their partner hospital center. At the same time, construction of the center was undertaken (in partnership with the French organization LÉO) and lasted until October. In March, the employees benefited from an initial training by IRIS Mundial vision professionals and were thus able to gradually start building mobile clinics to reach the population, while waiting for the center to become officially operational.


$ 280 000 (volunteer participation included).


To make accessible to the population of the Saint-Louis area, an autonomous and sustainable quality eye care system for 5,000 inhabitants, including 2,100 children.

Results (January 2019-December 2020)

  • 1 704 vision screenings
  • 94 ophthalmological consultations
  • 15 eye surgeries
  • 307 eyeglasses distributed
* Note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the project – which was initially scheduled to end at the end of December 2020 – has been extended until the end of May 2021.

Other activities carried out

  • Organization of awareness sessions for teachers, so that they can provide basic visual hygiene advice to their students and also identify students who need an eye exam.
  • Production of 14 radio capsules of approximately 45 minutes on visual health and hygiene.
  • Training for the “badienou gokh”[1] so that they can educate mothers on visual health and eye infections in newborns.
[1] A system of “community godmothers” implemented by the government support to health structures.