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More than 14 000 people have benefited from eye care

In 2010, IRIS Mundial attempted to set up a program that would lead to accessible eyecare for the population Labrousse, Haiti. The challenge was met with great success and having a permanent eyecare delivery system in that particular region is undoubtedly a huge accomplishment! Already, more than 14 000 of the poorest in Haiti were able to receive quality eye care in Labrousse, considered a PPFB experiment (program for prevention and fight against blindness).

An experienced and efficient team

Thanks to the training provided by IRIS Mundial volunteers and the acquired experience in the field, the PPFB team, consisting of a nurse and an assistant, worked diligently throughout the year, using a four-wheel motorbike to reach adults and children from different communities, even the most remote one. Miriame Cadet, nurse and program manager, informed us: “The program is very popular with the population living in extreme poverty conditions. Often a simple pair of glasses can allow a father to return to work and earn a living or a child to succeed in school …”

Goals achieved

During the past year alone, the team visited 29 schools in addition to performing visual screenings for over 3000 children and 201 teachers. Our mobile clinics have examined nearly 1,000 adults. Furthermore, 165 of those were seen by an ophthalmologist, at the clinic IRIS Mundial, located within the Health Center Notre-Dame-de-Lourde-de-Labrousse. Several patients also received ophthalmic medications, cataract surgeries, prescription glasses or sunglasses.

The success of the program, carried out and funded by IRIS Mundial, has been made possible thanks to the invaluable collaboration of our local partner, FODES-5 (the foundation for economic and social development, Labrousse).