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Nippes is one of the most deprived and neglected region of Haiti due to insufficient economic resources, very high unemployment, geographic isolation and logistical difficulties. Those Haitians live with means from the previous century, that is to say, without running water or electricity in addition to using donkeys in order to travel these treacherous mountains. It’s a three to four hour adventurous journey for the dedicated volunteers who make it there! Not surprisingly, these isolated residents are very welcoming and their facial expression of gratefulness is priceless. Currently, the needs are still great in this community where IRIS Mundial has been helping for a few years by offering ongoing program of eye care.

Awareness and prevention of blindness

Miriame Cadet, is the nurse responsible for the program that includes an educational component for the prevention of eye diseases. Cases of severe glaucoma and those of undiagnosed and untreated diabetic retinopathy are rampant. There is a lot of work to be done to prevent loss of vision. Over the past year, Nurse Cadet visited 29 schools and delivered over 45 educational sessions in gathering places such as churches, in addition to providing information over the local radio, which has just been implemented.

The relevance of PPLC Labrousse is unarguable and the existing team did an outstanding job. Following these encouraging results, IRIS Mundial has decided to support the program for yet another year, providing the funds, equipment and resources needed for it to function properly & efficiently. In order to ensure sustainability, from now on, the activities of PPLC will be integrated with regular services provided by the Health Centre Notre Dame de Lourdes de Labrousse.